To retain the integrity of both author and journal, your manuscript must be submitted on the Turnitin platform to test for similarity/plagiarism (15% is the acceptable average). 

For example, in many cases doctoral work is used verbatim.  If you score is above the 15% - we advise that this be addressed, considering that DHET subsidy is gained for both the study and the article. 

This would imply that you need to paraphrase your main position, use some varying word to explain a similar concept or argument already made elsewhere.


It is also possible that you have uploaded your manuscript on your institution repository, then you will have to ask your webmaster to remove the submission.


Please submit your manuscript on Turnitin, and attached the report with your submission.  This can be done as a supplementary file, at step 4 of the submission process.  Filename -turnitin report.


*How do you turn off repository on Turnitin:

  1. Choose the Edit Assignment tab and click on the Optional settings link
  2. Scroll to the bottom, and under ‘Submit papers to’, choose ‘no repository’ and then click on the Submit button.


I hereby confirm that I have submitted this manuscript on Turnitin, the report is attached to this submission, and the score on the report is XXX (you can not submit a manuscript with a score higher than 15%)