Additional author guidelines


  • It is the responsibility of authors and co-authors to submit articles to SAJHE that do not infringe on any copyright right violations.


  • SAJHE will continuously monitor developments around AI and AI-assisted tools such as large language models that can generate work used to create academic articles.


  • If AI and AI-assisted tools are used in the research approaches of the submissions, the authors should disclose having used such technologies if the article has been accepted for publication. Failing to do so would lead to a removal of the article from SAJHE’s website.


  • AI and AI-assisted should not be used to alter tables and other images that are considered for inclusion in articles. However, spelling or grammar checkers, and reference managers can be used without disclosure in the preparation of articles for submission to SAJHE.


Editorial response to articles that might have succumbed to AI and AI-assisted technologies


  • We recognise that the continuous development of software like Turnitin to detect generic AI-assisted writing such produced with the use of ChatGPT. Our reviewers and editorial committee rely on Turnitin to detect any plagiarism that might appear in the articles and inform authors duly of their responsibility to withdraw such submissions to SAJHE.


  • We encourage our reviewers to identify ‘fake’ references referred to as ‘hallucinations’ to address concerns about academic articles submitted to the journal.


  • Reviewers are also encouraged to identify generic writing through the assistance of ChatGTP and other AI-assisted technologies that might appear in the articles submitted for consideration to SAJHE.


1 March 2023