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Hartell, Cycil, University of Pretoria
Hartman, N., University of Cape Town
Hassan, S.L., Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Hattingh, Annemarie, University of Cape Town
Havenga, HM, North-West University
Hölscher, D., University of KwaZulu Natal
Heeralal, Prem Jotham, University of South Africa
Hendry, Jane, University of Cape Town
Herman, C., Supervisor of Mrs Elmarie Stander at the University of Pretoria (M Ed in Education Management, Law and Policy Studies)
Herman, N., Stellenbosch University
Hewlett, L, University of the Witwatersrand
Heydenrych, Hilton, University of Cape Town
Heymans, A, North-West University
Heyns, G.J., University of Johannesburg
Heyns, T., University of the Free State
Heystek, Jan, Stellenbosch University
Hibbert, L., Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Higgins-Opitz, Susan B, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Higgs, L.G., University of South Africa
Hiralaal, A., Durban University of Technology
Hiralaal, Anita, Durban University of Technology
Hlalele, Dipane, University of Free State
Hlao, T, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Hlatshwayo, M., Rhodes University
Hoelson, Christopher, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Hoffman, LC, Stellenbosch University
Holtman, L.
Hoque, M.E.
Horne, A.L.
Horsthemke, K., WITS
Hough, Johan, University of Stellenbosch
Human, L.H., University of Pretoria
Human, M., University of Pretoria
Human-Hendricks, N.E., Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)
Huntley, B., UNISA
Hutchings, C., UCT


Idahosa, Grace Eseosa, Rhodes University
Ige, B.O., University of Cape Town
Immelman, S., University of Pretoria
Isaacs, Tracey, Stellenbosch University
Ivala, E, Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Ivala, Eunice, Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Ivancheva, M., University of Leads


Jackson, L.T.B, WorkWell Research Unit for Economics and Management Sciences, Potchefstroom Business School,Economics and Management Sciences Faculty, North-West University
Jacobs, A.H.M., Stellenbosch University
JACOBS, ANTHEA H M, Stellenbosch University
Jacobs, Anthea HM, Stellenbosch University
Jacobs, C., Stellenbosch University

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