JLT special issue: Vol 58, number 1, 2024


We would like to let all authors know that the first publication of the Journal for Language Teaching in 2024 (Vol. 58, number 1) will be a special issue comprising articles written in indigenous African languages.  The theme for this issue is “Creating opportunities to explore issues around the epistemological and ontological assumptions of African languages acquisition and learning:  the African way”.  Any submission written in English and Afrikaans for consideration this year will therefore be deferred until the second publication of the journal (Vol 58 number 2) in December 2024.  We will appreciate it greatly if those whose submissions fall under this category could please be patient with us.  We do need to accommodate special issue requests on topical issues such as the one to be covered in the special issue referred to earlier,  as the need arises. 

Kabelo Sebolai