Some Climatic Indices for Pinot noir Maturation at a Meteorological Station in Burgundy

  • Valerie Bonnardot Centre de Recherches de Climatologie, Universite de Bourgogne, Faculte des Sciences Gabriel, 6, Bd Gabriel, 21 000 Dijon, France


This paper deals with relationships between climate and vineyard at a meteorological station in the wine-growing area of Burgundy. Statistical analyses were carried out on data for the 1975-1996 period. Climatic indices for Pinot noir grape harvests were developed for the 1975-1990 period using a composite analysis. These revealed that high spring temperatures, after a dry winter, led to an early date of Pinot noir harvest, whereas low spring temperatures, after a rainy winter, led to a late date of harvest.  These indices proved to be accurate for the 1991-1996 period. The date of Pinot noir harvest could be estimated as early as May, before flowering, using these indices and linear regression methods for the 1975-1996 period. Results showed that the differences between real and estimated harvest dates were as little as five days.


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