The development of ‘SATLAB’: A tool designed to limit assessment bias in simulation-based learning


Context and Setting: The development of clinical competence remains a challenge in healthcare education. The reliable assessment of competence requires new approaches to address the perceived limitations of current assessment practices. The Simulation Assessment Tool Limiting Assessment Bias (SATLAB) seeks to provide a novel assessment strategy within the simulation environment.
Concept: The SATLAB is a simulation assessment tool conceptualised by Andrew Makkink as a means to address many of the perceived issues prevalent in simulation assessment.
Implementation: The SATLAB has been in use at the University of Johannesburg since its inception and is currently also used at several other institutions offering simulation-based learning and assessment in emergency medical care.
Impact: The SATLAB was conceptualised as a potential solution to some of the inherent challenges in the assessment of simulation. The current use and ongoing evaluation of the SATLAB is providing exciting insights into the future of simulation assessment. Further research is required to determine the reliability and validity of the tool within the simulation assessment domain.

Author Biographies

Andrew William Makkink, University of Johannesburg
Department of Emergency Medical Care: Lecturer
Craig Vincent-Lambert, University of Johannesburg
Head of Department: Emergency Medical Care