Editorial Team


Christopher Stein, Professor, Department of Emergency Medical Care, University of Johannesburg

Associate Editors

Simpiwe Sobuwa, Senior Lecturer, Department of Emergency Medical Sciences, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Methods Consultant

Michael McCaul (MSc Clin Epi), Researcher - Centre for Evidence-based Health Care, Biostatistics Unit. Department of Global Health, Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Stellenbosch University,

International Advisory Panel

Bill Lord (PhD), Associate Professor, Department of Paramedicine, Monash University, Australia

Shane Knox (PhD), Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer, Education Manager; Health Service Executive,  National Ambulance Service, Dublin, Ireland

Technical Support

scholar scholar, Stellenbosch University, scholar@sun.ac.za,

Paulette Talliard, Stellenbosch University, plt@sun.ac.za,