Editorial Team


Christopher Stein, Editor-in-Chief South African Journal of Pre-hospital Emergency Care,

Associate Editors

Simpiwe Sobuwa, Associate editor: South African Journal of Pre-hospital Emergency Care,

Methods Consultant

Michael McCaul (MSc Clin Epi), Researcher - Centre for Evidence-based Health Care, Biostatistics Unit. Department of Global Health, Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Stellenbosch University,

International Advisory Panel

Bill Lord (PhD),

Shane Knox (PhD), Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer – Education Manager; Health Service Executive – National Ambulance Service; Dublin,

Andy Newton (PhD), International Consultant in Pre-hospital Emergency Medical & Paramedical Services,

Technical Support

scholar scholar, Stellenbosch University, scholar@sun.ac.za,

Paulette Talliard, Stellenbosch University, plt@sun.ac.za,