Call for Papers: “Space, language and identity politics in 21st century higher education”

Thierry M Luescher


Our first guest-edited issue for Vol. 6 (2018) will address itself to the politics of space, language and identity in higher education, in Africa and globally. The contributions in the guest-edited issue will singularly and collectively grapple with the nuances attendant to the intersections amongst space, language and identity in higher education.

Key topics to be pursued in this issue include:
• Higher education spaces and the politics of space in higher education

• Space and identity, symbols and signs in the post-colonial university

• Politics of identity: student protests, language, institutional culture

• Institutional policies and their impact on (the politics of) practice (e.g. language policies)

• Social cohesion, diversity and citizenship

• Intersections of language, curriculum, educational access and transformation

• Curriculum, decolonisation, and epistemic injustices | freedoms

• Student experience, student identity, and student politics of diverse student groups (e.g. LGBTIQ+ students).

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